It was a long road but I am very happy that Mathew was able to get everything settled. He definitely went above and beyond for me and I truly appreciate everything he and his team have done.

Thank you Mathew for helping me through this painful process.

James, Mississauga
My sons and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the dedication, professionalism and sincere concern you have shown in helping to bring what has been a long and upsetting process in our lives to an end. I do not know what we would have done without your help and guidance.

I definitely would recommend your law firm to anyone I know that needs legal help.

We wish you all the best in the future.

Mena, Nicholas and Lucas.
I could write a short story about how incredible Mathew Fordjour is as a lawyer, but I will keep it short and sweet.

Mathew's dedication and genuine passion for helping families within the court system is consistent and helpful and he goes above and beyond. time and time again. His words of wisdom, his guidance through the court system, and all of its many components and stages, has been thorough and extremely helpful to me and my son during what was often a very stressful and tense time for my family.

Mathew is truly the best of the best! As a young father, I have Mathew to thank for putting so many of the pieces of my family life back together again!

Marlon, Toronto
After going through many lawyers in my complicated family law case, I found Mathew Fordjour. Mathew has put me in a very good standing in my case currently where as my previous lawyers could not. There are many complications with my case including mobility, access, custody and pending equalization. Mathew has fought to give me, a deserving father, his rights to his son and fairness in respective court action.

I would recommend anyone looking for a strong family lawyer to retain Mr. Fordjour.

Jaspaul, Brampton
I was first introduced to Mathew at a function we were both attending, long before my circumstances changed. I was fortunate to see Mathew in a setting away from the law and I found him to be a very intelligent, warm and caring person.

Mathew easily came to mind when I needed the services of a Family Law specialist. I was totally at ease from our first meeting which continued throughout the entire process. He was always available to answer any questions I had, responded on a timely basis and simply put "knew his stuff". He has an easy demeanour however, at the same time, I know that Mathew will rise to any challenge to ensure that his clients receive the best representation and outcome possible.

I highly recommend Mathew Fordjour.

Teresa, Mississauga
When I called Mr. Fordjour, I was lost in the legal proceedings against me, I was anxious and hesitant about my encounter with lawyers. Mr. Fordjour was my knight in shining armour. He took my case, informed me of my rights, consistently kept my case on track, removing the negative emotions from my case. Anyone who uses Mr. Fordjour as their lawyer will find a humanistic touch through one of the toughest times we experience in our life. Thank you for all your help Mr. Fordjour!

Anna, Mississauga
I hired Mathew to deal with my divorce. He kept things short and sweet. His assistant was helpful and the two of them were always ready to help with a timely answer. Thanks Mathew for all your help.

Ron, Toronto
Mathew was referred to me through a friend by which Mathew was actually the lawyer on the opposing side and helped them come to a resolution so I figured if my friend was recommending a lawyer that he was up against he must be good. He was right, after meeting with three lawyers prior to being referred to Mathew I could not find one that I was comfortable with (and I was being charged every time I met with one of them). I was ready to give up and settle and then I met with Mathew. Mathew and I sat in his office for almost two hours where he patiently listened to all my concerns and addressed them. He did not rush me out of his office and I stayed until I was fully comfortable with my options. At the end Mathew told me to think about if I wanted him to represent me and let him know. He did NOT charge me for consulting with him that day and wasn't planning to had I decided to go with someone else. After that their was no doubt in my mind I was going to retain Matthew. His rates were very reasonable for the quality representation I was getting and I was going through a financial hardship at the time and Mathew had no problems working with me on that. Mathew is very efficient in what he does and although "everybody wants their day in court" and to be heard and tell their story Mathew knows what is best and will let you know if you get caught up in the battle and begin to waste time and money on things that will not impact the result of the case. Mathew does not pressure his clients either way he will let you have your input on your case while still protecting your best interests. He seems to have good relationships with other council and judges which I find to be important. Although I hope I do not require family legal services again, should that event arise I know Mathew will be my first call. As for any of my friends dealing with family law issues, I always tell them I got the best lawyer and refer him without hesitation.

Ron, Mississauga
Mathew was referred to me by a friend who knew I was going through a very difficult time. During our first meeting and thereafter, Mathew was very effective at making me feel at ease, showing real interest in my situation, and patiently explaining "legalese" so that I could understand the process clearly. Mathew displays a rare combination of empathy and professionalism and I have since recommended him to several friends and colleagues. Thank you Mathew!

Tanya, Mississauga
I had the pleasure of meeting Mathew Fordjour several years ago and since the very first moment, I found him to be professional, bright, and most importantly, compassionate and committed to the rights of his clients. He was invaluable in helping me and my family through difficult times.

We were dealing with bills and overwhelming emotions because we had just arrived in Canada and we could not afford a lawyer of his professional height, however he offered to help us and he walked us through the process and made it easy by keeping us apprised of the happenings in our case. Mr. Fordjour's warmth and professionalism was unparalleled and allowed us to handle the situation. His gentlemanly demeanour and easy-going style make it easy for his clients to go through difficult situations and circumstances.

I would highly encourage his legal services to anyone in need.

Herminio, Mississauga
A friend of mine referred Mathew to help me with my divorce. He worked closely with me and prepared a Separation Agreement that was fair and reasonable, and dealt with all the necessary issues. It was a very upsetting time in my life and I was quite anxious at first, but Mathew helped keep me focused and in the end it was all pretty quick and painless. Thanks Mathew for all your time and patience!

Janet, Oakville
Mathew Fordjour is an excellent lawyer with a total understanding of the law and how it applies to an individual's unique situation. Mathew explains legal matters in very understandable terms that prevent a client from feeling overwhelmed, inferior or intimidated. He is extremely unbiased, always very well prepared and completely competent. He never appears too busy to answer any question and I never once worried that he would not be able to handle any difficulty arising from my matter.

I am grateful Mathew accepted my case and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an outstanding law professional!

Michelle, Hamilton
Mathew was referred to me by a friend who works in real-estate law. Immediately meeting Mathew I found him to be polite, likeable and sharp minded. Mathew listened to my concerns and understood what I wanted accomplished. After taking all the relevant information in my case he provided two plans of approach to resolve my situation. First being to quickly mediate a resolution with the other party and the fall back plan of litigation. He explained the steps which would be taken in legal and common sense approach and my tough questions were answered in factual manner. I knew I had the guy to represent me and hired him immediately after my consultation. Mathew completed my litigation with a very positive outcome for me. During the process he responded to my concerns in a timely manner and provided reasoning for steps taken, reassuring we were on the right path and calming any anxiety I had. I have been disappointed in Lawyers but this isn't the case with Mathew. I'm glad I had Mathew on my side for he was empathic, professional, gentleman and very knowledgeable. I called him, "one smart cookie"!

John, Burlington
I would not hesitate to recommend Mathew and his team. Compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and patient – words that, I believe, sum up the service I received during an extremely difficult process. Mathew and his team were always there to help, offer a kind word and keep emotions on an even keel. Thank you for getting me through this painful process – very much appreciated.

Chris, Mississauga
A friend of mine referred Mathew to me when my husband left. Mathew was very patient with me during an incredibly stressful time in my life, and helped me get things on track again. It was a lot of work, but we managed to work out a Separation Agreement, and arranged for some support for me. Mathew I can't thank you enough for all your help. I have my life back again!

I wouldn't wish divorce upon anyone. It can be horrible. But if I ever have a friend who finds themselves in that situation, you bet I will be recommending Mathew Fordjour to help them out.

Maria, Mississauga

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