Thursday, Sep 01,2016

Start pushing up the bedtime

If kids have been enjoying later bedtimes over the summer holidays, now is the time to get them to bed earlier.  Ideally, this process should start a week before school.  The trick is making the transition smooth is making small incremental changes over time.

Ensure they get enough sleep

Lack of sleep makes it harder for kids to learn in the classroom and can lead to behavior problems.  While adults can get by on 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night, most kids need at least 10 hours of sleep.

Turn off the noise

60 minutes before bedtime is the “golden hour”.  It is recommended that kids and teens avoid stimulants such as sugary foods or electronic devices such as cellphones and iPads during that hour.  These devices flash and stimulate us and really interfere with how kids fall asleep.  Instead of TV or other electronic devices, try a nightly reading together routine one hour before bed each night.

Sep up the routines

Daytime routines are key to keeping on track at night with your kids sleep routine.  Begin by waking them up at the same time, have meals at the same time, etc. This will make transition into bedtime a lot easier. 

Knowing what to expect makes things easier for everyone.  Evening routines such as bath time, followed by pajamas, then stories or reading before lights out can help smooth your child’s transition into quiet time. 

Consistency is key.  Make your routine consistent, and you will experience a lot less resistance at bedtime.


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