Thursday, Sep 01,2016

If your family shares access of your children between two households, make the most of your time with the kids so that they feel secure.  A child’s psychological needs increase significantly after a divorce and children go through a period of time where they feel overwhelmed, experiencing fear and confusion.  The length of that time frame will of course depend on the child.  Some bounce back better than others.  It is important that parents tune in to these feelings and spend quality time when together with the kids.

Although your child may not show outward signs of their stress to you, their lives are as much of an emotional roller coaster as yours is after a divorce.  The child may put on a brave face because they love you and don’t want to cause you stress, but don’t forget that any change in regular routine, such as change in access schedule with the other parent, or just the change in back to school routine will have its affects.  Parents need to be sensitive to that. 

If parents are consciously focused on and sensitive to their child’s needs during and after a divorce, they will do a better job meeting these needs.


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