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BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING! Can I take my kids cross-border shopping?


Can I take my kids cross-border shopping?

November is often the start of a busy holiday season.  With holiday gift giving and bargains to be found, some may be considering crossing the border to get great deals on Black Friday.

However, if you are not travelling with your spouse, you may have trouble crossing the border with your kids.  Be prepared ahead of time to reduce the stress at the border.


Be prepared for delays at border crossings:  Before heading out, check the border wait times at


Do you have/need your spouse’s consent to cross the border with the kids?  Short answer, YES.  If you are travelling with your children, but the other parent/guardian is not with you, it is prudent to get written consent.  The consent should grant permission for the children to leave the country, and state the name and contact information of the other parent/guardian.  Please visit Canadian Border Services at for the latest information. 


Bring proper identification for both you and your children.  Make sure you have valid passports for all those travelling.  For more information see


Know how much you can bring back. 

For 48 hours or more, you can bring back goods, tax and duty-free worth up to $800.  For 24 hours or more, you can bring back goods, tax and duty-free, worth up to $200.00.


Be honest and follow the rules.

Trying to fool the border guards is risky business and can leave you subject to fines.  Declare all purchases and have receipts ready at the border.  Following the rules keeps you out of trouble and your border crossings stress free.


Avoid the hassles and consider on-line shopping as an alternative to travel.

If you consider your time and your gas, sometimes paying to have something shipped is not as bad as you might think.  Plus, there are plenty of deals to be had right here in Canada.


Certain Things Really ARE Cheaper in Canada.

Some products aren’t that much cheaper in the USA, and likely not really worth the trip.  Besides, keeping your money within the local economy helps us all.  Great deals can be found in your own backyard.  Do your research on line to decide what you are looking for and source the best place to purchase it.



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